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We will help you identify the best immigration pathway by providing more than simply immigration consulting, we care about your circumstances and your future. We go even further by evaluating your unique circumstances and educate you to make informed decisions about your immigration choices. I will personally handle your case from start to finish.

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International Student Recruitment

A high percentage of clients with student visas have the ultimate goal of immigrating to Canada, Globalinx can assist in this next step to immigration. As part of our comprehensive assessment process for eligibility, we will help international students with developing a unique, customized immigration plan and educate them on how certain educational programs will then translate to an offer of permanent residence in Canada.
The Globalinx team uses its foundation in both the immigration and education field and ties the two together to develop a unique immigration pathway for our student clients.

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Settlement Services

Once my clients have had their immigration approved, a daunting and sometimes confusing and frustrating process then the relocation to Canada begins. Welcome, the challenge to settle and plant roots in Canada is also challenging for newcomers who may not be familiar with the customs, culture or even the language and many times, do not have family or friends waiting to welcome them at the airport. For those clients who have placed their trust in our team, we offer a settlement services package where we arrange for airport pick-up and assist with the initial settlement process such as opening a bank account, finding a place to live, schools for the kids, medical for the family, all the necessities to make you feel safe and inclusive in the community.

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